The Integrative Leadership Experience

A Self Mastery Program For Coaches, Influencers & Entrepreneurs Ready To Embody Their Next Level In Business, Wellness, Performance & Purpose

My Bespoke & Immersive 1:1 Coaching Program.

You get the most access to me and the most access to you.

Let's make sure you're in the right place.


You're an online entrepreneur with an established presence. Things are happening but boy is it easy to feel into just how much better things could be. Why is there this seeming consistent turbulence?

You are hungry to discover your own leading-edge energy, focus & execution. You can sense there is a blueprint inside you that honors your design & establishes your most optimal self. You a ready to unlock it.

You are ready to invoke greater depth and capacity in your relationship with life and with others. You know you are surrounded by blessings & miracles and it's time to act like it.

You don't need more business training, you crave the presence, joy and clarity that you know proceeds the insight & strategy required for your empire. You trust your inspired action, but have a hard time accessing it at will.

Words like embodiment, leadership & mastery really resonate with you, but it's difficult to really feel that as something accessible in your own body, especially when you need it the most. You wish you could "do all the things" but also somehow keep it simple.

You're a master at spinning all the plates but as a result you seem to always forget to put food on your own. You are ready to balance the achievement in your life with the deep fulfillment and connection that you know should come with it.

Everything You Want Is On The Other Side of Confronting Your Wholeness

Everything gets to be on the table when we work together, in fact... it's required. When you have the right map you can navigate the sea of self with grace.

Integrative Leadership Is A Holistic Framework for
Stress-Proof High Performance & Embodied Fulfillment

A comprehensive system designed to introduce you with the programming that runs your reality. We begin with a thorough audit of the fundamental mastery pillars. (as shown below) Our time together gets prioritized based on what's most needed.

Programming Mastery

The CSP Method

Subconscious Literacy

Intentional Creation

Matrix Deconditioning

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Literacy


The Partnership


Performance Mastery

Productivity Mastery

Time/Energy Management

Systems & Protocols

High Performance

Relational Intelligence


Accessing Intimacy


Connection & Depth

Somatic Intelligence

Somatic Literacy

Body Communication

Wellness Mastery 

Unwrapping The Greatest Gift

Stress Mastery

Regulation Literacy

HRV Mastery

Plugging Leaks

Raising The Baseline

Energetic Intelligence


Intuitive Listening

Will Power

Radiation & Vibration


Leadership Mastery

The Art/Science of Showing Up

Message/Mission Embodiment

Magnetism & Influence

Community Building & Impact



Reality Check
The cost of not doing this work is severe and accumulative:

Consistently be the bottleneck to everyones problems.

Lead from an empty cup, causing severe damage to your reserves.

Never fully unleash into the joy and the depth you want from life.

This is me and my mission.

For Over 10 years I have been a behind-the-scenes wizard for game changing leaders across the world. I have been blessed with many gifts and they work best on awakening individuals like yourself who are ready to integrate the chaos of life with the presence of their undying inner stillness. Bringing forth their unique embodiment of mastery.

You can't have a Legend without a Wizard.

I specialize in supporting special people:

Recovering Legends

You've done the big deals. Systems are in place. Who are you when you're not stressed about finances? You're ready to put all this "freedom" to good use. You are ready to pour energy into what was once neglected to build your success.  You are hungry for more vitality and connection in life.

Prime Time Legends

You're fucking in it. Showing up, calibrating, expanding and realizing your stress can't scale with your business. You need to keep this massive ship running while simultaneously breaking through in key areas of health, performance, relationships, stress, etc.

It's time for your to own your Legendary Self.

I'm honored to call my clients, Brothers & Sisters.

Please take a moment to experience the shift and upgrades that my clients experience through our work and play together.



"Nathaniel's perspective saved me so much time, energy and money. I can't even quantify how valuabel it was so have him in my corner. The amount that he was able to support me... will inevitably affect the rest of my life, in all areas."

- Casey Balon, Creative Leadership Mentor



"My work with nathaniel solace has changed my life. I followed his content for a few years before pulling the trigger and it is the best decision I have ever made. He saw something in me, and he pulled it out of me. We partnered together and created a full on miracle. "

- Zach Carlsen, Renaissance Man & Executive Consultant



"I was so moved by our flow of conversation, everything nathaniel says resonates at a cellular level. He comes at it in such a loving, understanding and compassionate way. I just love how I feel safe and how everything I say is in such a safe container. He has this way of calmly yet very effectively putting me in my place."

- Kendra Adachi, Wellness Professional



"He puts all his focus on you being a whole and healthy human first, and then creating whatever you want from there. He is so good at deliverying these things and it's because this is how he actually lives himself. It transmits clearly. If you're lookign to buidling a healthy foundation so your success is sustainable, then he's your guy."

- Chris Orozco, Meme-king & Shadow Integration Expert



"There's just an amazing process with him of really simplifying things, getting to the hear of the matter. Not only claridying my busiess and my products, but who I am as a person. I love working with him because he makes it fun, exciting & simple. He's been the ultimate guide riding shotgun on this journey."

- Jason Wrobel, Creative Leadership Mentor



"My income, business, offers and simpliciyt of my sales and everyting that has to do with my gits getting to peopel becaomse so simple. Not just from his direct advice, but just from being aroudn him. He's literally like a ninja-guru. He's been an integral part of my growth. He's got a genius when it comes to showing up and being you. He's a complete transformational wizard to help you shift your self sabotaging patterns."

- Brandon Bozarth, Serial Entrepreneur & Coach



"Within 30 days of working together i doubled my revenue, but more importantly I exponentially increased my capacity to hold and walk with whatever came my way. Having Nathaniel’s leadership, support & guidance was such an invaluable experience."

- Allie Tymo, Brand Stategist



"It’s been one of the most life enhancing experience of my life and business. He’s transparent, he walks the talk, he shows up. He leads from this grounded yet vulnerable and heart centered place. I’ve had the most successful months of my life, let alone my business since working with him. I am awe-struck often. It was the perfect incubation container."

- Abby Vernon, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner



"I could not be where I am, not even 20% of it, without Nathaniel’s help. Nathaniels is magnificently gifted at helping me with my mindset.Within 2 months I was fully booked with private clients and running a massive group program. I went from practically $0 to $10,000 months, effortlessly. Helped me come to a space of energetic alignment."

- Aurika Valan, Woman's Sexuality Coach



"Not only did he help me grow my business but he simultaneously helped me grow myself. He's really helped me to reshape my beliefs about money, success & self worth. He has really good mental bio-hacks. This guy's a master software engineer for the human being."

- Matt Blackburn, Wellness Entrepreneur

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We will mold you into a fortified, high-performing, connected, & overflowing leader

Learn to rest into Yourself.

Access a tangible Well-Spring within.

Heighten your Intuitive Senses

Genuine Mindfulness & Ease

Increased Adaptive Capacity

Expect result where you effect results.

Take a Moment and feel into what you truly want in these areas of your life.

Personal Results

Overcome Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Cultivate True Mindfulness

Integrate Neglected Aspects of Self

Embody Genuine Fulfillment

Financial Results

Integrate Sales & Service

Always Honor & Deliver Your Value

Fill Group Programs

Get Your First 5-Figure Clients

Health Results

Live Days That Always Facilitate Wellness

Master Sleep & Recovery

Cultivate Fulfilling Relationships

Emotional Integration

Meta Results

The Un-Quantifiable

Pivoting of Entire Paradigms

Reality Participation (Unveil)

Exponential Growth 

Integrative Leadership Guarantees a Certain You:

How you show up and provide for the people in your life.

Your ability to give and fully live from your vision.

Your reliability & unmatched presence for what matters.

Ready for the next step?

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