There are only a few things you actually need...

And this is your chance to get them all done at once, without essentially lifting a finger:


  • An engaging and vibrant brand, positioning & messaging.
  • A strategically designed landing pad that leads people to your offers and opportunities.
  • Your story, essence and unique edge finally put on display.


  • Create meaningful connections and deliver massive value.
  • Create a logical path for your ideal client to find your products.
  • Creating intimacy and market fit without any of your time.


  • Have an actual strategy for your online business machine.
  • Rely on automation and SOPs for optimal customer experience.
  • Build certainty into the flow of your business.

Email Automation

  • Automatically stay in touch with and get data from your leads.
  • Effective copywriting & strategy.
  • Course delivery, client accountability, post-purchase, customer service, emails make it all come together.

Evergreen Products

  • No-brainer buys from your ideal clients. Get paid to nurture leads.
  • Make money without needing to deliver your time.
  • Always open for sales.

Social Media Leverage

  • Be authentically consistent.
  • Never worry about content ideas.
  • Targeted campaigns for building buzz, making connections & launching.

Flip One Switch and All This Can Exist for you.

Solace Labs is a complete 360° done-for-you and done-with-you service.


How would you feel…

  • Having certainty in how you are bringing people to your business.
  • Knowing people are being nurtured and sold while you sleep.
  • Be generating passive income

The right machine can make all the difference... and the best part is we do all the heavy lifting!


Jason Wrobel

TV Show Host, Author, Speaker & Coach

"After just a few hours of coaching, 
Nathaniel's guidance led me to $10,000 in pre-sales for my program, and a 30k launch with no ads or sleazy marketing...

He's such a supportive, visionary presence in my life, taking the fear and anxiety out of the process of scaling my business. He's my trusted advisor because of his ability to get my instantly focused, clear, inspired and motivated."


We Love Lifting Up Leaders

What's On The Menu...

Here is just a taste of what we can do for you.

Complete Legacy Site

  • Feature Your Story
  • Be Positioned A s the Go-To Expert
  • Wow Prospects With Your Copy & Imagery
  • Efficiently provide massive value to visitors
  • Bring your newsletter, landing pages, courses, checkouts and more all to one place.

Evergreen Products

  • Make sales in your sleep that require ZERO delivery from you.
  • Create an Automated 8 Week Course and Sell It Passively for $997 or more
  • Re-Sell your masterclasses, recordings & bundle any products
  • You should always be able to have sales happening, regardless of launches, health, politics, overwhelm, etc.

Systemized 1:1 & Group Programs

  • Wow you students with aesthetic and experiential products
  • Make it easy for students to get results with assessments, reminders and accountability.
  • Let automation do the heavy lifting.
  • If YOU always have to be there for clients to get value, you'll never be free from your business.

Opt-Ins & Nurture Systems

  • Create a magnetic site that deeply nourishes your leads and funnels them to the right place.
  • Don't worry about any of the back-end.
  • Warm up your site viewers into super-fans and longterm customers by providing real value.

Social Media Marketing

  • Nail your exact messaging & content pillars. Never wonder what to make.
  • Craft a leveraged production strategy. (like 30 days of content in a few hours)
  • We'd even be happy to run your social media for you.

Coaching & Clarity

  • Does it feel like a lot? Not sure what's the right move. You don't need to know. We are experts at bring you to your own clarity.
  • We take any lil idea you have and make it a reality. Have an offer idea but not sure how to lay it out? We got you.
  • Growing your impact can be scary & emotionally challenging, our work includes expert coaching to help you grow with grace.

You deserve to feel proud of your site and your authentic energy coming through.

A huge focus for Solace Labs is never compromising on your fullest expression and deepest truth.

We Only Build On Kajabi...

  • Everything you need in one affordable system.
  • Handles Payments
  • Handles Emails, Newsletter, Sequences
  • Handles Courses, Products, Programs
  • The best community & customer service in the industry.

Don't have kajabi?
Don't worry, we can get it from 0-100 FOR YOU.


I'm Nathaniel Solace

I've been coaching, consulting & producing for over a decade in the personal development, transformational, online marketing space. 

Not only am I veteran designer, course creator, product developer, marketing consultant, but I'm also a personal coach for many of these same clients... intimately understanding and anticipating their needs so that they can be the leader that is required to allow the funnels, courses & cashflow to be a sustained reality.

No hype, fluff or scheme-y shit here. 

What I do have for you is the opportunity to use my brain to pull our your best messaging, offers, copy and energy so that you can confidently land in a new era of your life and business founded on certainty, impact & abundance.


"Within 30 days of working together i doubled my revenue, but more importantly I exponentially increased my capacity to hold and walk with whatever came my way. Having Nathaniel’s leadership, support & guidance was such an invaluable experience."

- Allie Tymo

"It’s been one of the most life enhancing experience of my life and business. He’s transparent, he walks the talk, he shows up. He leads from this grounded yet vulnerable and heart centered place. I’ve had the most successful months of my life, let alone my business since working with him. I am awe-struck often. It was the perfect incubation container."

- Abby Vernon

"I could not be where I am, not even 20% of it, without Nathaniel’s help. Nathaniel is magnificently gifted at helping me with my mindset. Within 2 months I was fully booked with private clients and running a massive group program. I went from practically $0 to $10,000 months, effortlessly. He helped me come into a space of energetic alignment."

- Aurika Valan

He has helped me completely shift my mindset, gain clarity on my vision, create high end packages, more than triple my prices, book dream clients consistently, and take massive aligned action. He was able to take my vision and break it down into easy actionable steps to create massive results creating over $25,000 in less than 4 months.

- Angela Garcia

 It was the most pivotal decision I’ve made in 4 years of operating and growing my business. Not only did I double my income while working with Nathaniel, I gained access to his energetic vortex that is maintained with such integrity.

- Brooklyn Vienneau

Experiencing coaching from Nathaniel has been one of the greatest investments I have ever made in my life and in my business. I knew I needed support...but never thought I needed a coach until I met Nathaniel.

Not only has my income more than doubled, but my life has so much more depth and meaning.

- Jill Stella

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Jayden Grahlman

Personal Freedom Coach


"Nathaniel helped me get out of a huge rut and move forward in a powerful way in my business. 

He built me an incredible website that genuinely reflects my essence and what I am trying to get across. He has such a way with branding, copy & marketing that created a huge wave of excitement and forward motion in my business allowing me to serve more people and get paid well while doing it."

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