Learn how to fully unplug from the distraction and stimulation in your life so that you can replenish your willpower and 10x your focus, energy & performance.

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It's impossible to stay focused, you seem to be "drained" when it comes to important tasks.

You can't stay on one task for more than 15 minutes before you're scrolling social media.

Your mind puts a negative spin on things, making it harder to engage or have faith in them.

It's tricky to 'motivate' yourself. It feels like a tank in your brain just doesn't have the juice!

You seemingly can't control the use of stimulants, distractions and bad habits.

Between your screens, treats, caffeine, & sugar, you sustain a "wired & tired" state most days.

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  • Waking up and instantly checking your phone/social/email
  • Obsessively checking your phone throughout the day to get stimulus
  • Procrastinating to the point of dropping the ball on projects 
  • Watching movies, shows & social media instead of completing tasks.
  • Eating too much sugar, chips, breads, treats and snacks.
  • Needing consistent stimulants like coffee, energy drinks or chocolate
  • Depressive & disempowered states
  • Trouble with your circadian rhythm (hard to fall asleep or wake up)
  • When being lazy feels more fulfilling than creating progress


What if you could make a few simple adjustments to your day and never have to deal with this type of self-sabotage?


With this effective methodology you will...

consciously design and be guided through a productive and rejuvenating reboot process that will reset your dopamine receptors and replenish your energy, clarity, motivation and focus. You will walk away with the principles and practices you need to ensure you never burnout again.

Exactly How It Works

Step 1.
Science & Preparation

Context is king! Understand the fundamentals of behavioral and neurological sciences while simultaneously prepping your mind and environment for success with the program.

Step 2.
Take Part in the Detox

You will be guided through 7 days of specific protocols, meditations, journal prompts & daily re-wiring challenges.

Step 3.
Take Aligned Action

Use your newfound energy and focus to follow-through on the most important areas of your life. (and set your life up to be burnout-free)


The Kickstart

Instantly access life-changing lessons and activities to enhance your day-to-day.

Science & Success

Learn the basis of the science that is about to change your life and understand exactly how to create success with the program..

Detox Walkthrough

Get an in-depth explanation of the detox protocols and exactly how to approach them.

The 7 Day Detox

Be supported through 2 weeks of heightened energy, focus & tangible improvements of your daily life & performance.

Lifestyle Integration

Make your results last! Learn simple practices that you can use for life to stay integrated and on top of it.

The Fun Never Stops

By joining today you get access to all future updates to the program. Every month new content will be added.

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Read a few words from our past students!

Ritual Reboot is a time tested program with many happy students.

"Being part of Ritual Reboot gave me clarity. Taking the time to breathe and check-in with yourself and really learn how to learn about yourself has been very powerful for me. Nathaniel's presence and open guidance was impactful. I've learned more about myself through Ritual Reboot and look forward to mastery in my unique way."

"I am less stressed. I am learning how to calm myself down and pick myself up faster. I am spending more quality time with family and being present. I pause to take deep breaths often, I have a badass morning routine, increased mental space & clarity. I feel like I'm moving things forward and am clearer on what that looks like."

"I've never felt more certain in my ability to figure sh*t out. The simplicity of the tools I learned, made it almost impossible not to up-level my life. Not to mention the incredible support I had from Nathaniel. I feel so much more at peace in my day-to-day, morning rituals, more inner resources, larger community. I trust myself to do what I need to do! I can create energy, focus, and momentum for myself!"

"Nathaniel is an alchemist & true master of energy management. Ritual Reboot brought me back to the core basic essentials and rekindled a love for the importance of these daily rituals to support my holistic wellbeing for my personal & professional life. I was held in a space of support, compassion, love, and inspiration throughout the course. I feel I’ve realigned to the natural rhythm, abundance, and flow of life and attuned back to my true nature. If you feel challenged in ANY aspect of your life however micro or macro - Ritual Reboot is for you. Everyone requires a reboot occasionally. Thank you Nathaniel, you're an inspirational leader. I appreciate you and your gifts and I see you in all that you do."

"In the Ritual Reboot course you get reminded a lot of all of the simple stuff – often re-explained in a way that makes its value incredibly obvious and attractive – and then you get to implement it and enjoy the benefits of doing so whilst having an incredible group of people to hold you accountable and vice versa. I've felt for a while that I needed a clearer direction and more tools to overcome challenges and I really found that through this course as well as increased productivity, mental clarity, and happiness."

"Nathaniels energy and generosity with his knowledge, love, and time was so deeply healing! I loved learning more about how our brains work. Also, we were given so many incredible tools to help become the ultimate version of ourselves. The overarching healing I felt came from the really authentic support of Nathaniel and the energy from the rest of the group. Human connection is priceless."

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Meet Nathaniel Solace

The Creator of Ritual Reboot.

For the last 10 years as a coach, advisor, and facilitator I've been helping entrepreneurs breakthrough to peak levels of achievement and fulfillment through mind-body training and lifestyle & leadership strategies.

I have coached & consulted hundreds of students and clients on life-design, productivity, stress management, self mastery, performance hacking, and personal power.

I know that with the right training and support, anyone can transform their life. Through an alchemical process of inquiry & action people can create massive gains and permanently release internal imbalances.

Since starting my work, my videos and trainings have been seen by millions all across the world. I live and breathe strategic optimization & my life purpose is to serve others in fulfilling their potential. If you are truly ready to step it up in life and reap the benefits of building new habits, routines, & self-esteem this is the perfect training for you. Enjoy!

Meet Kyle


Before the Program
- Messy circadian rhythm
- Slow progress with projects
- Unpredictable Energy

After the Program
- Consistent Daily Rituals
- Sustained High Energy
- Making Major Moves

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Meet Adam


Before the Program
- Lacking Community & Support
- Scattered & Overwhelmed
- Addicted to Phone & Sugar

After the Program
- Empowered In Community
- Clear & Targeted Lifestyle
- Operating in Excellence

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"I’m now in a space and container where I always get to decide what my state is.

I always get to decide, how I see things.

I always get to decide how I create what I feel.
And it’s the most f*cking liberating, beautiful sh*t dude.

I know you know, but I’m just saying, thank you because I don’t know how I would have moved forward in my life without everything that you’ve taught me. It’s mind blowing. I am so glad that this was given to me here and now, because it’s changed the course of the way i’ll live my life, forever. So thank you." 
- Former Student