"We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training."      ― Archilochus










Where: Los Angeles (Venue TBA)

When: April 5, 6, 7 (9:00am - 7:00pm)

What You Can Expect:

A powerful community of like minded creators, deep coaching and targeted exercises to faciliate major personal, relational & professional breakthroughs. Lots of dancing, elixirs, hugs & tears. Real people, doing real work... connecting in all the ways it matters most.

What is Self Alchemy?

Self Alchemy is a process of inquiry & expression that facilitates intimacy and integration with all aspects of one's being.

This is where all "healing & insight" arise from.


This can look like...


Refining & owning your vision for your life
Exploring your edges with communication, social energy & self image
Confronting your dysfunctional conditioning 
Using your body to generate quantum insights and massive energy
All-in experiences to harness your senses and activate your body
Equipping yourself with master tools & techniques for life mastery

Day 1
Self Mastery

Learn powerful principles and internal technologies for embodying your true power & take part in leveling up your reality.

Day 2

Learn how to move beyond your social conditioning and open to more ease, joy and authenticity in your platonic, romantic and collaborative relations.

Day 3

Tangibly experience and new level of self as you create massive clarity and progress around your creative & professional impact.

How to know if this event is for you...


  • You feel like you still haven't really found your "edge"
  • You're still struggling with confidence and self esteem
  • You are committed to overcoming your unconscious sabotage
  • You desire to be stretched, and see past your blind spots.


  • You still struggle with social anxiety
  • You are longing for more depth in your close relationships
  • You are ready to breakdown your walls around love, romance, sex & desire
  • You want real presence, with real people


  • You are stuck in a cycle of playing small
  • You are struggling with finances, self worth & value
  • You feel like an imposter
  • You want to own your power in business, partnerships and areas of influence.

A message from the host, Nathaniel Solace


I created this event out of the overwhelming request from my community for MORE DEPTH. So many events get close, they open a window to the vulnerable expression and connection that we all deeply need. 

In my 10 year career as a coach, advisor and therapist for many leaders, entrepreneurs and creators... one theme rings true.

We ALL require more intimacy and empowerment in our lives. No book, course, coaching call or meditation can give you what an IMMERSION can. 

In a real container, with real people, being truly present.

I'm am prepared to give you everything I have. I'm looking forward to meeting you in this devoted space of growth.

Event Elements

We are excited to bring you into an extremely well curated and intentional container.

Private & Intentional Venue

We will have the comfort and effectiveness of a beautiful, private venue that supports our fullest expression.

Master Space Holders

There will be many guardians in the space available for support, conversation and your assurance that you are held and considered in the space.

Experience Design

You never have to worry about sitting too long , getting hungry, cold or unfocused. We have everything covered to keep you in a powerful state.

Alchemical Nourishment

Prepare your taste-buds and your brain for high quality, custom crafted elixirs, coffee, tea and other high vibe treats.

People Centric

This event is focused on connection. Be prepared to meet other beautiful humans who are ready to play all out!

Novelty Guaranteed

We're committed to this being one of the most unique, fascinating and moving experiences of your life.


This isn't just some motivation seminar, or a business mastermind. This is definitely not just coaches coaching coaches... This is for real people, who are ready to bust through to the other side!

This is an opportunity to dive head/heart first into the pivotal areas of your life that always seem to be either glossed over or not fully honored at most events. 

Fears, Judgement, Stories, Pain... Everything is welcome.

I am devoted to co-creating an extremely refined group of truly committed beings. 

There will be a very clean, clear and focused container created for all attendees to confront their greatest fears, show up in new ways and encounter all aspect of themselves.

Take a deep breath. Check in. If this event is right for you, you'll feel it.

Join Us for Self Alchemy Live 2019!

Los Angeles - April 5,6,7

Venue location TBA

Pay In Full (+Bonuses)


One Time Payment

All Access to Day 1, 2 & 3

All Access to Materials & Refreshments

All Access to Digital Assets

+ Activation Academy Membership

+ Gammapreneur Course

+ Private Coaching Call

I Am the Alchemist

Pay Monthly


x12 Monthly Payments

All Access to Day 1, 2 & 3

All Access to Materials & Refreshments

All Access to Digital Assets

+ Activation Academy Membership

I Am The Alchemist

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