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Integrative High-Performance Coaching for Scaling Entrepreneurs, Influencers and Executives

Would You Like To

Nurture deeper & more fulfilling relationships?

Learn how to create energy on demand?

Experience deep joy & aligned progress in your day to day life?

Over-deliver on your self care & live in true vitality?

Embody a deep & clear connection with your most lucid self?

Become naturally magnetic, authentic and available in your relationships.

Program your entire being to genuinely and automatically navigate your life with grace.


All while you stay hungry, and committed to your mission... serving your people and staying immersed in your craft as a creator and leader?.

Let's see if you're in the right place.

You are potent. 

You are in demand.
Clients, Team, Family, You.
Ok, there's a feeewww other things, but they're not really a big deal, right?

(Let's not forget all of this stuff)

You're pretty much stressed every day about something
You suck at the Yin.
Slowing down, sleep, actually meditating or practically any form of restoration.
But yayyy Coffee!
You're health is the ridiculous kind of  'fine', even though you're a beast.
Too much Drraammmaa, Distrac------tion, & dare i say, dependencies?!
You're seen as a high-achiever, and would like more of your soul to be seen.
You've tried some therapists, life coaches & retreats & you hate how they all seem to tip-toe around what you are truly craving at your core. (and let's admit it, you tip-toe around it too.)

You know you are on a path of mastery. (Devotion to Optimal EVERYTHING)

You know you are capable of more & smart enough to know you have blindspots... these are energetic blocks (a type of spell) cast upon you by un-integrated experience.

Now that you're here & aware of the spells. I can teach you to break em'.

Meet Nathaniel Solace

For the last 10 years as a coach, advisor, and transformational facilitator, Nathaniel has been helping entrepreneurs and executives break through to new levels of achievement and fulfillment through custom mind-body training, internal programming protocols and lucid leadership strategies.

With over 1,000 clients served in the realms of lifestyle-design, productivity, stress management, self mastery, relational integrity, performance hacking, and personal power, Nathaniel comes to the table equipped and at full capacity when it comes to serving his people.

With the right training and integration, anyone can uplevel their life. Through an alchemical process of inquiry & action people can cultivate their strengths, make gains where it matters most and permanently release un-serving traits and internal blocks.

Since starting his work, Nathaniel's videos and trainings have been seen by millions all across the world. He lives and breathes strategic optimization & a natural craft for serving others into their potential. If you are ready to step it up in life and reap the benefits of embodying your deepest mastery... you're in the right place.

"More than ANYONE I’ve ever experienced as a coach, therapist, teacher, mentor—whatever... You connect to my most sacredly vulnerable parts that need to change with such authentic love, generosity and belief in my success that I am able to believe in that success for myself."

Pamela Sampel
Writer, Coach & Facilitator

"Nathaniel is disarming, kind, open hearted and brings sound, savvy and strategic brilliance to any project. You can take my word for it... or you can just talk to the man yourself for 10 minutes and all your worries will melt away."

Immanuel Otto
Visionary Leader & Producer

"Nathaniel is one of the MOST extraordinary human beings I know. Deciding to work with him was literally the best decision I’ve made in my business to date."

Sasha Tozzi
Women's Mentor & Hypnotherapist
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