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Here are some kind words from my clients.

Featured Testimonial

All of my wonderful clients have had a profound impact on my life, and I am honored to receive these beautiful video testimonials.


"More than ANYONE I’ve ever experienced as a coach, therapist, teacher, mentor—whatever... You connect to my most sacredly vulnerable parts that need to change with such authentic love, generosity and belief in my success that I am able to believe in that success for myself."

Pamela Sampel
Writer, Coach & Facilitator

"Nathaniel is disarming, kind, open hearted and brings sound, savvy and strategic brilliance to any project. You can take my word for it... or you can just talk to the man yourself for 10 minutes and all your worries will melt away."

Immanuel Otto
Visionary Leader & Producer

"Nathaniel is one of the MOST extraordinary human beings I know. Deciding to work with him was literally the best decision I’ve made in my business to date."

Sasha Tozzi
Women's Mentor & Hypnotherapist

"His influence has brought me to a new level of leadership. I trust everything now. I trust myself."

Jill Stella
Visionary Leader & Creativity Coach

"He has helped me completely shift my mindset, gain clarity on my vision, create high end packages, more than triple my prices, book dream clients consistently, and take massive aligned action."

Angela Garcia
Branding Expert & Mentor

"He has effectively guided me from building a strong foundation in my lifestyle and emotions to building a strong foundation in my business. He persists as an ally and friend, working and growing mutually."

Daniel Hoshor
Visionary Leader & Producer

"When you work with Nathaniel, you realize how hard you make things. His energy is like nothing else. The container he creates for his clients is honestly magic. It feels safe. It is empowering. It’s easy. It feels okay to be you, even if it’s messy and unhinged."

Cait Hefner
Mother & Clairvoyant

"I personally found myself in a rip current of healing followed by a peaceful expansion within my life and business. It was in this place of expansion that I was able to grasp a deeper understanding of my life path and how best to serve my clients."

Alana Oceana
Mentor & Activist

"In order to grow, we have to push through to what we believe our limits are and the 4 days out in the desert helped me get comfortable with the uncomfortable... I am myself now."

Andrea Arellano
Love & Relationship Coach

"He has a magical way of having this precise perspective that supports me to find my own words, my own solutions and what to do next... must be a wizard thing."

Kendra Adachi
Women's Wellness Mentor

"Within 2 days of working with Nathaniel, I stepped out of my comfort zone and put myself out there more than I had in the past 6 months. Nathaniel is someone who you want in your corner because I know first hand that he will change your life."

Sophie Nik
Elite Coach for Women

"He's a master software engineer for the human being. Not only did he help grow my business, he actually helped simultaneously grow myself. He brings a genuineness to his message and has helped me reshape my beliefs around money, success & self-worth."

Matthew Blackburn
Human Performance Expert

"We connected on such a deep level. In 2 months my income generation and ability to extend my gifts into my work became so simple and it wasn't just from his direct advice and support... it was from just being able to be around him. He's literally a ninja-wizard-guru. He's a complete transformational genius."

Brandon Bozarth
Master Coach & Founder of IIST

"Working with Nathaniel has created so many shifts in my in my life. I now recognize my power and stand in my power every single day. He's given me clarity on my vision and purpose and how I show up for myself, the people in my life and my business."

Sam Kidd
Wellness Coach & Founder Aligned Performance

"He is one of the few people I trust to guide me. He puts all of his focus on you being a whole and healthy person first, and then creating everything you want from there. I think the reason he is good at delivering this is because it's the way he actually lives."

Chris Orozco
Coach & Shadow Integration Specialist

"Nathaniel is the foundations guy. He helps you get your sleep right, your nutrition right, you self-care right, he helps you get your empowerment to a new level. It's not always the stuff we find sexy as high-achievers, but we don't have the basics down. Doing these simple things has shifted so much."

Kyle Lipton
Coach & Comedian

"Nathaniel is THE key for high achieving 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs who want to tap into real self mastery. In a 10 minute conversation he'll suggest a couple of upgrades that change everything. He's the guy you want by your side to achieve more, stress less and unlock hidden super powers you never knew you had. He's a true master of his craft."

Chiara Mazzucco
Women's Mentor

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